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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Goat updates: Hope is hairless and fine, Ari is a jock, and Betty is not so fine 
5th-Oct-2015 12:16 pm
Hope is not terribly upset about being shorn, and she is not getting beaten up for looking funny. I think the rain got everyone a little more interested in circling the herd rather than arguing.

Ari is enjoying his girls, but since none of them are currently in heat, he would like more/different ones, please. And I'm his buddy now, which is cute and slightly annoying at the same time. It's cute, because I like my goats to be friendly. It's annoying because he stinks in ways that I really don't want to share.

Betty is not bouncing back from being anemic while in heat. I moved her over to the little girl group on Saturday in the hope that less competition for food would help. But this morning she wasn't eating at all. I hit her up with iron, B-complex, and goat-goo to give her more energy. I'll check on her when I get home tonight - if she's still alive, I'll give her more goo, more food, and some baking soda. It's really just a "get better or die" situation, unfortunately. Again. I always feel horrible when I hit this situation.

As a happy consequence of our visit down to Kid Hollow Farm in August (ref), P.S. got her goats this past weekend. She has a pair of wethers and a pair of doe kids set up at her new farm. So I'm getting plenty of questions about what I do and how I do it. Combine those questions with the current Betty situation, and I'm feeling a little like a fraud. ::sigh::
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