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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Betty is still alive. Ari is still bored. 
6th-Oct-2015 08:46 am
Richie says hunh?
Betty-goat is still alive. I witnessed her eating a few mouthfuls this morning. It's not enough to sustain her, but *might* be an indication to the positive that she is regaining energy. I'll be out there later with probiotics, goat goo, and more vitamin B complex for her.

Emma-goat wasn't eating much this morning, either. Apparently she's either not hungry enough to scrum or is totally done with Ari. I'm not sure. Ari was over at the fence romancing his mom (Anna) and everyone else was mostly finished when Emma finally started eating.

ETA: I went back outside with various meds/goo for Betty and baking soda/salt/Probios and hay for everyone in the back. Apparently, a beautiful sunny morning is the time for hay, since everyone (including Betty) voted in favor of chowing down. Anna even gave up her longing sighs at the fence in exchange for some second breakfast.
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