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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Alys and Pansy goats are off to a new adventure 
6th-Oct-2015 06:17 pm
The new owners of Alys and Pansy came by to pick them up just now. They brought along a precious (OMG amazing blue eyes and big brown curls!) three-year-old dressed almost entirely in hand knit cuteness. I heard all about their goats from this little girl, who remembered me from SVFF because we talked about her huge bag of popcorn.

Alys is hopefully knocked up by Richie on her way out the door. I recommended leaving Pansy to grow up this year before trying again with her. And I remembered to give the new owners Alys's registration paper, despite their unconcern about it, in case they decide they want to keep records after all.

9th-Oct-2015 12:18 pm (UTC)
Watching 'em drive off is always tough for me!
9th-Oct-2015 12:27 pm (UTC)
It's hard sometimes. It really depends on the method and manner in which they are sold. Usually, I find it easier to watch them drive away from my house than leave at a show. If someone comes to my house, I get a better chance to chat them up, talk about how they treat their goats, etc. I feel like I have a better connection and that I've made a more targeted sale.

In this particular application, I'm pleased all around. I need room in my barn for the up-and-comers, and selling an older doe who still has a few good years to a smaller herd (a herd of two, currently) is a win-win. Alys has been a great goat for me, both as an Angora and as a mother. She is so self confident that she will make a great starter-goat for someone who wants to get into Angoras. She's got a good three years or more left, so she should set her new owner up right before she goes. I've gotten two doe kids from her that I might keep, and some amazing yarn.

(And Achaosofkittens doesn't really like Alys all that much because she is SO pushy around him, so he's not unhappy to see her go.)

Pansy was a very random gift-goat. I don't have much emotional connection to her, nor do I need her to fill a gap in my breeding program. Given that she is so shy, she is a perfect second starter goat with Alys because she will never fight for food, and will help the new owner learn how to deal with shy goats without being so big as to be impossible to handle.
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