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Rhinebeck show results

Simon and Ivan (kid buck) - 7th and 8th
Diego (yearling) - first, reserve champion
Richie and Ari (3 and 2 year old adults) - 3rd and 4th
Fiona and Taffy (adult doe) 3rd and 5th

I'm so pleased that Diego lived up to last year's promise (reference). Last year, Diego placed second in kid bucks, with the judges commenting that I needed to grow him up and bring him back. While every judge is different, I was/am willing to believe that I have something going with this particular breeding line, and the judging is bearing that out.

Anna (Jessie x Jared) was known for fineness, even though her lack of horns and lack of hair curl/style kept her from ever winning a first place. Many years after Anna left the ring, her sister Zoe (Jessie x Jared) grew horns, grew curls, and then took Reserve Champion as a kid at the 2012 show in New York. In 2013, Anna's son Ari (x Cookie) took Champion (SVFF) and first (New York) as a yearling. Ari's son Diego (x Dahlia) has now taken Reserve Champion at Rhinebeck as a yearling.

In case you weren't sure, I'M SO PLEASED WITH ARI. Yes, Diego is the one who won this time. And it all traces back to Jessie and then Anna. But a buck is half your herd's future, and my champion buck sired a champion offspring. ... I really think that Ari is the guy on which to hang my breeding program now.

The judge was Teresa Bergeron from Ontario. She was a good judge and a fabulously fun person at dinner.

Both Teresa and Sharon Chestnutt (the SVFF judge) were very concerned about how dull Taffy's hair was this fall. I don't know if it is nutrition, genetics, or a combination, but it is definitely something to watch. Teresa said that Taffy was dull all the way to the skin, so this may be more than an issue brought on by going to summer camp.

I almost sold Simon. Despite his poor standing in the show, he has his good points. The woman who was considering buying him wanted the fineness of fiber and good horns that my boys demonstrate. Her girl goats have good lock structure and good body style, but their hair is very coarse for their ages. The woman ended up spending her show money on a shearing stand instead, but asked me to bring Simon and Ivan back next year. We'll see how the year turns.
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