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A wimpy 4x4 post is no match for Ari's goaty love!

I went out to feed the goats their breakfast (in the dark) and Ari's I'm huuuuuungry whine sounded suspiciously far away from his usual gate. Only Dahlia and Elsa showed up for breakfast in the shag shack, but Ari kept whining. Where were Ari and Taffy?

... In the adult side of the regular pasture.

Long story short, Fiona is in heat and Ari is in love to the point that he ripped the lower gate hinge pin out of the fence post to get to her. (The gate is slightly bent but intact.) Fiona is overjoyed. Ari is so cool and content that it's amusing to watch the two of them together.

Ari is now in the same pasture with Anna (his mother), Madeline (his aunt on Jared's side), and Ginger as well as Fiona. I called the vet today to ask for four doses of Lutalyse. Sorry, ladies. Lerris and Scout have roomed with Ari before, so they aren't terribly bent out of shape about the intruder. Scout seemed kind of pleased to have someone to beat heads this morning as a goat-boy high-five.

Ari wins some points for creativity on the list of "notable property destruction by bucks in rut." We've lost a barn wall plus camera system, all of a dividing fence, and all of two dividing fences (in a thunderstorm for bonus flair) in the quest for goat-girls. We've also seen two gates pummeled to death just because the boys were bored. Loki has dislocated a toe, Jared sprained a leg and tore an ear, Cookie's tail was scalped off, and everyone has bled on the altar of studly buck competitions.

I don't know if I'll be home from work with enough light to move Ari back into the frat house and supervise the beat-down between him and Richie tonight or tomorrow night. I may have to wait until this weekend to relocate him and officially end breeding season. And that's where the Lutalyse comes in handy. I'm not supposed to administer it until at least a week after the oops, so leaving Ari with the girls for three days really won't do any more long-term damage than he's already done.

My original breeding plan was Ari with Dahlia, Ginger, and Elsa. I swapped Taffy for Ginger due to body condition, and added in Emma due to judge input regarding conformation. But I really wasn't planning on some tangled family trees and eight pregnant goats this year. I've had as many as 11 kids in one go, and that's just chaos for me with a full time job. While I might be ok with Madeline x Ari, I'm really not ok with Anna x Ari. They aren't so amazing that I want to distill them and make their family tree a straight stick.
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats, vet_visits

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