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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Shearing today, and the epic beat-down that wasn't 
24th-Oct-2015 07:24 pm
Earlier this week, I tossed a note to my shearer mentioning that we were due for rain on Wednesday when we had a shearing date booked. We went back and forth about days and dates, with me trying to be as flexible as possible. On Friday, I got a note from her saying that she could stop by on Saturday just before noon a shear a group of eight or fewer. So I canceled my plans for today to shear.

When my shearer showed up, she told me that her afternoon person had canceled and she could shear everyone. No rush, let's just get 'em done. I agreed, of course, though only the little girls were locked up and we had to chase down Lerris and Dahlia when we got to that field.

Twenty-two haircuts later, we were finished and the shearer was on her way with a fist of cash and two chocolate chip cookies. I grabbed Ari out of the girl field and took him up front, figuring that we could get both the boys-reacquainted and the new-haircut fight over as a single event in one evening.

Let me remind you what the Epic Beat-Down has looked like in years past:

This is a few minutes after Jared and Sancho were moved up to the front field.  Jared had been sharing a fenceline with the girls, so was still in rut.  Loki's rut ended before Christmas.

So this year, I have Jared's grandson and a huge blonde buck who is in complete and utter rut coming back together after shearing...

Note that Ari is the guy in the way back left corner.
25th-Oct-2015 07:23 am (UTC)
That's some violent expression of chill masculinity right there. Maybe they watched Netflix?
25th-Oct-2015 12:34 pm (UTC)
Hah! Yeah, I'm wondering if they got it all worked out in the trailer coming back from New York last weekend.
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