a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

A walk-in guest deer arrived in the goat yard

While I was filling water buckets this morning, a juvenile deer trotted jauntily into the little girl's pasture through the open garden gate. Hercules walked up to great the guest who lost his nerve and bolted back out the gate, but nearly immediately changed his mind and came back towards us. I finished chores and walked away with him still lingering in the doorway, blocked from advance by a very curious but not terribly welcoming Hercules.

I'm only guessing that Deer is male. He is by himself, bigger than a fawn but smaller than an adult, and has the bouncy gait of a young animal with too much attitude for its size. I'm curious to know if he is interested in the water, interested in the hay, just looking for company (because he's all alone), or if he is just interested in the stranger-girls that are uphill from the garden.

The girls are grazing the garden where the deer like to wander through, so there is plenty of cross-contamination already occurring. There are parasites which can be shared back and forth, and probably plenty of cooties too. Those are known issues. I would rather not actively feed the deer, though.
Tags: animals, garden, goats
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