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The Bat Tree has fallen. Long live the Bat Tree.

Way back in the beginning of goat ownership, there were two trees in the pasture that were mostly dead. Since the addition of goats, they became completely dead (and the goats killed one more). A few years after that, they became the dive-n-dine spot for both bats and woodpeckers, and crows roosted on the lower branches waiting for goat chow. For about five summers, until the trunk shed all of its branches, bats lived up at the top of the southern tree. I think bats are so cool, so I called that particular dead tree the "bat tree."

On Friday, the Bat Tree finally took the next turn in the circle of life by pitching down the hill sometime during the windy middle of the day. There were nearly no roots attached to the trunk, but it still managed to haul up a couple of monster rocks from the clay as it fell. Also, our math was perfect: the tree *barely* missed the powerlines as it came down.

I don't know how quickly we will worry about getting the tree out of the field. It's probably going to be tons of fun for baby goats to jump on next year. And, depending on the amount of water the hole collects, that may become the next, rather conveniently-located gravesite. If the hole just fills with water and won't drain, then I'll have to fill it with dirt to keep it from becoming a major hazard. I don't mind the idea of a goat jumping or falling into the hole so long as she can get out. I mind the idea of a goat *drowning* in a goat-sized hole in the middle of a slope.

The other two dead trees are still standing. The youngest of the two is now the bat/crow/woodpecker tree, and is also shedding branches. I've moved the chicken coop out from under and down-slope from it to lower the risk of smashed chicken.
Tags: angoras, garden, goats

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