a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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State of the goats

We have only enjoyed one freeze so far this winter, and a LOT of rain. The pastures, especially right around the barns, are miserable mud pits. Everyone needs their toenails trimmed, but I don't want to touch that muck. Eeeew. And because of the rain, I've been feeding the girls their hay in the barn, so the back barn is in desperate need of a shoveling/raking out.

(My Christmas gift from Thunderbird was a shoveling out of the girls' patio. He even dug little drainage ditches away from the barn. And he raked the leaves away from the front of the hay barn. Awesome house sitter!)

I moved Lerris back into the big girl/Scout pasture. He was beating up on the baby boys too much for my liking. So those two little boys have a suite all to themselves for now. They will have to give it up for babies in February, but until then - grow, little boys! grow!

The big girls are all* in heat. This is good, because it means that Anna isn't pregnant by her son. This is bad, because it means Dahlia probably isn't pregnant either. Scout and Pan are actually being rather bucky about the whole thing. And Fiona is being such a pest that even Lerris has noticed. This is the first time in memory that I've seen adult-Lerris do the buck lip curl.

* Anna, Dahlia, Ginger, Madeline, and Fiona appear to be in heat. Taffy appears slightly confused by the whole thing, which is a hopeful sign regarding her pregnancy. Jessie and Lily are also in heat, but in a different pasture - with Pan. I'm pretty confident that Elsa and Emma are pregnant, so yay for them.
Tags: angoras, breeding, goats

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