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State of the frozen farm

It's been pretty darn cold lately. It was another 8-degree morning today. I'm very glad that almost everyone has at least one bucket that doesn't freeze. And the baby boys don't seem to mind the personalized delivery of warm water.

The llama doesn't care about the cold all that much, though he spends a lot of time cushed down in the fallen hay by the hay baskets watching the world go by and keeping his tummy warm. Yesterday was cold but sunny, and so I expect he was pretty warm in the sunshine. Hercules doesn't usually mind if the goats cush against him for warmth, but he's not so fond of being a jungle gym once the kids get over 20 pounds. It was amusing to watch Corene and Hope try to climb up on his back and get the ears back/eye roll response from Herc. Though it's notable that Herc neither spit on them nor actually got up and moved while the kids were playing on him.

I am worried about Ari - he's having trouble walking (we just trimmed his toes on Sunday) - and so he may be avoiding walking all the way to the water buckets. I brought him a big bucket of warm water this morning and he downed half of it. I think I'll do it morning and night for the next few days until he is more steady on his feet. Thankfully, his eating habit is to sit under the hayrick and pull hay down on his head, so I'm pretty confident he is not starving. I just don't want to come out one morning and find him dead and covered in ice like his dad last year.

Emma is definitely pregnant. She is a completely different shape than her sister, now. And she is far more aggressive about food. I've been keeping the hay baskets full on that side for both her sake and the sake of tiny Soma-girl. I'm hoping for some color on Emma's kids, but of course my first request to the universe is that they come out healthy. I'd also like the kids to be girls so that Soma can become queen of the baby herd and hopefully get some size on herself.

I remembered to close up the chicken coop last night so the chickens were a bit warmer this morning. I've also been putting out the last of the pears for them to peck on so that they have some form of available liquid once their water freezes again.

And I should mention that Cleo may be short-haired and look like a tall, skinny rottie, but she is definitely elkhound by blood. She thinks that the dark, frozen world of winter is just as fun as a sunny, mild day. She doesn't seem to have any issues with cold at all. She was outside with me this morning, running back and forth and plowing her nose through the leaves. She went tearing down the backyard slope through the trees, barking her head off, and then came tearing back at a full run to stop and bounce at the fence before running off in the other direction. Lather rinse repeat.
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