a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
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Books: An Ancient Peace (gave up)

Tanya Huff is a good author. I like her humor. I like her characters. But this is the third time in a row that I have given up a book of hers on account of disinterest. Worse yet, this time I am actively disliking her presentation of the plot. The framework is fine: find the pirate looters before they loot a weapons cache. The problem is that I've read that particular plot before, and she is not providing either a strong enough set of characters or a strong enough motivation for those characters for me to feel any urgency. And when our characters, who are supposedly deep undercover, are found by a reporter who just happens to tail them, I just gave up.

Maybe this will be like The Silvered, where a second attempt at a different time made the book amazing. Or maybe it will be more like Future Falls, where I still can't bring myself to care.
Tags: books

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