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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
8th-Feb-2016 08:45 am
The one, the only, the Giant Cricket Farm SANCHO turns 15 years old today.

The folks at Beekeeper's Garden gave us a pregnant Lamancha milk goat named Pattibelle ("Patty") with the information that she had been bred to a pygmy named Roger Clark. Out came our pygmy la mancha, who - of course - had to be named Sancho.

Sancho was wethered early because we only had one pasture at the time. We did not disbud him, beginning as we meant to go on. He grew and grew until he was bigger in all directions than his mother. He decided that he was king of all he surveyed, and took on the mantle of ownership even in the face of younger, intact males.

Sancho. Sanchismo. The Cheese. The Cheese Man. My Cheeseball.
Happy birthday, dude.


Patty and Sancho full grown
Sancho was taller than his mother by the time he was two years old. That's baby Summer goat in the background.

Sancho smash
This picture was taken fall of 2014, with Ari (left) and Richie.

Sancho, Sancho man. I wanna be a Sancho man.
8th-Feb-2016 06:34 pm (UTC)
He was the cutest little attitude problem I've ever met!
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