a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

More goat stuff

"I'm sorry I missed your call. I was out brushing my goat."

We had a very nice evening last night out in the barn. After the obligatory hay and water and staring at the pregnant does, we went over to the boys' side to hang out with Loki and brush Curley.

We are currently enjoying the amusement of having a cashmere goat during the first warm spell of the season. Cashmere, as you may recall, is the downy underhair that almost all goats grow. Cashmere goats can be any name-breed, the requirement is simply that they grow lots (2-5 oz) of underhair. Some people shear cashmeres, but then the cashmere is much shorter and you get a mess of longer hair to separate out. The alternative to shearing is brushing. And brushing has to be done before the cashmere blows his coat in the springtime, because it's the undercoat that sheds out.

So we went out for some quality time with the goats. CK held onto Curley while I brushed him. Due to being able to spend more time and use both hands, I got two "clumps" (mats to pull off of the brush) off of Curley last night rather than just one. Curley is pretty tolerant of the whole process, though he gets restless after a while.

Loki is really an attention begger. He stands on his hind legs to share sniffs. He has to be the goat closest to CK in case CK suddenly sprouts more treats out of his ears or something. I definitely plan to breed Loki if he's able -- his personality right now is wonderful. Of course, a pushy 30-lb goat is way different from a pushy 80-lb goat, so hopefully he'll figure out that standing on his back legs is only allowed when he's not resting his front legs on me.

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