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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: In Ashes Born (Solar Clipper series) by Nathan Lowell 
16th-Feb-2016 09:08 am
Today to Read
In Ashes Born, by Nathan Lowell. Science Fiction. e-book/362 page equivalent. Book 7 in the Golden Age of the Solar Clipper, though he is calling it book one in a new series - A Seeker's Tale. [9/30/15]

I was hurt and felt betrayed as a reader by the way Owner's Share unfolded. As compared to the well-loved re-reads that the first four books have become, I never even purchased book six in hardcopy. I worked hard to forget it, even. Then an acquaintance of long standing mentioned that there was now a book seven, and that while it didn't redeem book six, it did a good job of bringing the story back to the funny and insightful feeling we got from the original trilogy. So I tried it.

It's a good story about working through emotional baggage and working towards the now we go on parts of the midpoint in life. And that's it for plot. I'm ok with that. There were a few hyper-focused interactions that dissolved and left me dissatisfied, but I'm willing to credit them as possible foreshadowing for the next books.

I recommend it for people who enjoyed the first three or four books in the Solar Clipper series and would like some redemption from book six.

Also, every time I read book 4, and now from this book, I have this urge to take up Tai Chi. I had all the killer instincts of good lawn furniture.

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