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Baby (goat) bets?

bratboy had a great suggestion: start a baby goat betting pool... Whoever comes closest to the right answer for each question wins something with mohair in it. (surprise!) I'll spin the yarn and make a scarf or hat out of the fleece color you choose.

So, the questions are:

Among Goldie, Jessie and Crystal (I'm not counting Sashimi 'cause she won't be kidding for months!),

1. How many living, healthy baby goats? (choose zero through nine)
2. What colors? (choices are white, red, black/grey)
3. What ratio of boys to girls will there be?

And the bonus question: when will the first and last baby be born?

Also, feel free to make name suggestions. I'm on the hunt for nifty goat baby names. Remember, though, that males might become ex-males at some point, so King Studmuffin might not be a good choice.

Just to get on the record, I posted my own answers as a screened comment. I'll unscreen it when the time comes.
Tags: angoras, breeding, naming

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