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Spring pasture repair

I am working from home today. Along with being able to sleep in, it also means that I can spend my lunch hour working around the farm. Today's quest was Enjoy the Sun!, er, I mean, Repair the Lawn.

Over the winter, the high-traffic areas of the various yards - particularly the ones that got repeatedly snow-blower-trod - got pretty mashed down and mudded-up. And while grass seed grows best in fall, it will germinate just fine in the spring, too. With the beautiful day, I decided to get my exercise and improve the yard at the same time.

Because I actually planned correctly for the nice weather opportunity, over the weekend, I purchased a 7-lb bag of Pennington deep shade grass seed and a 25lb bag of Elite Pasture Mix. I blended the Pennington bag with some contractor blend (fast-growing annual fescue) that has been sitting in the barn since last fall. I spread that mix all over the high traffic paths around the front yard that were outside the pasture fences. In particular, the two paths to/from the hay barn and the path across the front of the house to the back pasture got lots of attention.

Once that was done I spread Elite Pasture Blend (no clover!) all over the front pasture, paying specific attention to the high-traffic paths along the fences and to the heated water bucket station. Just to add to the difficulty level, I left the goats free to roam while I did this. Pan-goat made it his quest to trot along with me, stealing mouthfuls of grass seed every time I slowed down. Scout thought this was a good idea, and recruited Simon and Ivan to help. Richie accidentally got into the mob at one point and indignantly fought his way to the front just as I reversed and went right back through the crowd, leaving him at the back of the pack. He then called on cat dignity to pretend that was the direction he wanted to go anyway, and studiously ignored me the rest of the run.

Thanks to Pan in particular, I hustled my toes getting that front pasture covered. In fact, I ended up calling the dog in to help mix it up and get the mob away from me a few times in tight corners.

Pan is still hanging out by the gate, just in case I come back with more "treats." The dog, on the other hand, is happily done for the nonce. She is lying on the cold slate floor snoring away the afternoon.
Tags: angoras, garden, goats

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