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Happy belated Chicken-versary!

It's been more than a year (374 days) since I got the new set of chickens. I have not kept up on my spreadsheet with how much chicken chow I've purchased, so that number is currently invalid. The two chickens produce distinctly difference sized and shaped eggs. I'm only assuming that Big Chicken is producing the bigger eggs, as I have not witnessed either chicken in the action of laying an egg. The chickens went through a molting cycle in January/February, with far fewer eggs and many more feathers in the hutch. With the longer days and warmer temperatures, they are back to full production of about 10 eggs a week.

The statistics are as follows:

Number of chickens: 2
Age of chickens: 2 years (I'm guessing due to the laying frequency change after they arrived as they got much bigger.)
Breed of chickens: Red Star mutts
Days elapsed: 374
Number of eggs produced by Big Chicken: 229
Number of eggs produced by Little Chicken: 301
Average total eggs per week: 8.8

Egg scoresheet graph 2015-2016
Tags: chickens

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