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Garden things are happening

During a break in the rain on Saturday, Achaosofkittens and I replaced the second raised bed frame. We also trucked out the two dead frames and other miscellaneous yard and shop trash to the dump. The first new bed, in which we planted peas and three extra potatoes, is full of green. The peas are up about an inch and the three potatoes are HAPPY. The second raised bed still needs more dirt, mulch, and of course plants. Except, there were two mounds of naturalized oregano in that bed when we started work on it. We relocated one mound onto a pile of dirt that likely won't be moved this year, and left the other where it is in the raised bed for now. Due to how we realigned the bed, the oregano that we left alone looks like it was planted on purpose - perfectly centered on one end.

This evening, before the rain blasted in, I put new dirt around the six potted potatoes to help raise them up. I dug up a lot of worms and crushed a few grubs while moving goat-compost into the potato pots. The leftover half-wheelbarrow-load of new dirt got dumped into the second replaced raised bed. The thunder was getting close, so I did not go back for a second dirt load. Instead, I'm going to play with graph paper and plot out what is going into this bed and the stone raised bed and the wrecked bed between the two. (Plants won't care that it's wrecked. It's dirt.) CK wants to try soybeans this year. *shrug* I'm game.

The front iris are going gangbusters. And the deer still haven't trimmed the roses yet.

ETA: We found a cute little snake when we were realigning the dirt in the old bed. It was maybe 8 inches long with a tiny head and no interest in talking to us. I put it into the wrecked bed so that it could hide easily and go back to doing its patrols.
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