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weekend roundup: still more garden, Wizard of Oz

Friday night/Saturday morning, I planted all but about 14 of the 72 flowers from Blushing_Grace in the front octagon and a planter on the front porch. The planter got a little wildflower sprouted mix that Achaosofkittens was given last weekend and two each of snapdragons and petunias. I also trenched in a packet of delphiniums (2005) between the two hollyhocks and sprinkled three packets of forget-me-nots (2002) around the tree circles. It's notable that we have volunteer sweet peas in the back garden area (along with the new roses). I haven't planted any of our sweet pea packets yet, but I have confirmation that they grow 'round here.

Saturday during the usual runaround, I purchased - and planted - vegetable plants from the co-op. I got two indeterminate hybrid Early Girl and two determinant hybrid Early Girl tomatoes, on the theory that their cross-pollinated tomato products shouldn't taste too odd even when planted close together. I got four peppers, too: two habañero and two jalapeño, sort of. I thought that I had picked up the last two jalapeño plants at the store, but one turned out to be a banana pepper. So I planted it in the center of the square formed by the four tomatoes, reserving the planned jalapeño section for the planned-but-not-purchased jalapeños (plus the one that I bought). I bought two six-packs of marigolds, and planted one six-pack in the tomato/pepper bed while reserving the second one for the next bed. The second six-pack suffered a slight haircut from the goats. They ate all of the flowers, but left the plants intact. And five of the potato pots got more dirt. Yay dirt!

Once the rain blew in, I abandoned the garden and goats for more routine indoor chores like grocery shopping and pet-food-shopping. There was an adorable rottie-mix puppy that was still pocket-sized at the pet store. So cute! So wee!

Sunday involved mostly laundry, goat-toe-trimming, and seeing the Wizard of Oz (see previous post). Sunday night involved watching the weather report regarding the f&@#ing frost warning for our area. We had 70-degree temps in February, but we can't stay above freezing in freakin' May?! Argh. ... Relatedly, I can't spot any fruit setting on either apricot tree.
Tags: garden, goats, house

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