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The right kind of snake

On Monday afternoon, while setting up the llama for shearing, Achaosofkittens called me outside to take a look at a snake he had found. This was obviously an adult snake, both by size and temperament. It's also obviously (ok, probably) an Adult Black Ratsnake, which is the kind of snake all fine, upstanding folks would want to know.

When the snake realized that the fan club had arrived, it held still with its head up so that I could walk all the way around it for photos and positive identification. I was not so bold as to ask its sex, though.

To note: The easiest way to tell an adult Racer and an adult Ratsnake apart in photos is by how much white you can see. The Racers have white chins, but the white does not trail down the body. Ratsnakes retain the white pattern all the way down the length of the body.

The easiest way to tell them apart in person but at a distance is by how they behave. Racers do just that - they race off as quickly as possible. If not, they will coil and threaten. Ratsnakes are much more chill, and will raise their heads in defense without posturing/striking until a direct threat is offered.

Also, if you have a FUCKING HUGE BLACK SNAKE! in your yard, it's probably a Ratsnake. Ratsnakes grow over six feet long. Racers top out at about five feet long.

Adult Black Ratsnake</a>
Adult Black Ratsnake
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