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The garden is done but one

Everything is planted except the new male kiwi vine. Everything.

After I logged off of work and ran errands, I planted the last of the vegetable garden beds. I hauled last year's dead pepper plants out of the stone bed, took off the landscaping cloth, and weeded the zillion Chinese sumac starts. I also totally discombobulated a large skink. Sorry, dude. The dirt was surprisingly light in there. I think it has collected the most nice dirt, potting soil, fertilizer, etc. these past few years, and it really shows with how crumbly it is and how easy it is to weed.

I planted two lengthwise rows of Burpee Jubilee Hybrid sweet corn and Burpee Kentucky Wonder pole bean. I did sixteen hills in the two rows, eight per side, maybe 6-8 inches apart. On the outside of those rows, I planted two rows of way too many Cooks Garden Gourmet Blend* bush beans. Those should come up with three different color beans: green, yellow, and purple. Then I mulched the whole thing with the last bag from way back in pea-planting days. I watered everything that was in a planter: new, old, peas, watermelons, potatoes, everything. I did not water the pumpkin hill or the fence beans, mostly because I forgot.

The rest of the pole beans from this evening's planting went along the garden fence behind the pumpkins. I didn't plan on planting the rest of the corn, but I got the package wet when I was watering. So I chucked the handful of corn into the front section of the driveway area where the boy goats sometimes graze. I didn't plant the seeds, so have no expectation of anything but some better-fed turkeys.

In the last evening light, after I put the dog in the house, I killed off the rest of the Roundup Poison Ivy spray bottle in the brush area past the end of the hay barn. That was some entirely too-happy ivy up there. I hope I made its day a lot worse.

At this point, I'm calling the spring garden D.O.N.E. done. Sure, I might get out there with some more mulch, or actually put in those extra cucumber trellis that I only just now remembered. But I am done with the planting part of the exercises for at least a few months.


* The back of the package says bush bean "blue lake," bush bean "royal burgundy," and bush bean "mellow yellow."
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