a preponderance of punctuation marks (reedrover) wrote,
a preponderance of punctuation marks

A week in late spring is a month at any other time

I've only been gone for a week. In that time, the peas grew a foot taller and went from a few flowers here and there to "we need to be picked now." The new growth in the blackberries is shooting straight up and over seven feet tall. The tomatoes are out of their cages by over a foot. The seed mat is sprouting radishes and other miscellany that I've already forgotten. The stone bed has huge stands of young bean plants and a few corn here and there. The pumpkin hill is sprouting more seeds.

Up in the front bed, the monarda went from compact stands with tight little flowers to two wide bouquets of massive purple flowers. The hollyhock has its first full flower all the way open. The daffodil leaves are basically dead now, which makes a third of the bed look yellow. The seventy-two petunias and snapdragons are now mostly blooming, so there is a color streak across the middle of the bed that looks odd compared with the spent daffodils and spent iris.

While it was reported to me that the goat boys took the gate off of the hinges and got into that stand of corn and beans, the replacement seeds apparently are still sprouting. So now instead of the upper part being the only section with plants, now it's the lower part that is trying to grow.
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