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Bear came back, but left in a hurry

I was sitting at the dining room table when the bear walked past the window, on the path between the mudroom and the front door. I bolted out the front door, grabbed both metal trash can lids, and became a one-woman STOMP! concert. That bear could not get out of my way fast enough. Bye!

And I have personally and up-close confirmed that this is not a very big bear. She (he?) is smaller than me. She could still seriously fuck me up if I cornered her, but she's not got the guts to go after me when running is an option.

Sorry, no photos. I didn't want to stop for the camera.

ETA: Why the Energizer Bunny routine? Because it is an easy way to tell the bear it is not welcome and that this is my territory without getting into a physical confrontation. To quote the Virginia Department of Game and Inland Fisheries: Let the bear know it is not welcome. Often a bear in your yard is just passing through and, if it finds no food, will simply move on. Don't allow the bear to feel comfortable in your yard. After ensuring the bear has an escape route, make lots of noise to encourage it to leave.

ETA2: The ratio of the size of the ears-to-head will give you a clue about the size of the bear. Big ears? Little bear. Little ears? Big bear. ... Choose wisely, young grasshopper. To illustrate:

This is photo of a yearling bear looks a lot like our visitor, though our bear was much fatter and probably a year or two older, since it was on its own and obviously able to take down running prey:

Edward Payne Photography

This is not something I will confront without a really good reason and air support:

WJLA News, March 2016
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