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Garden update: tomatoes are very happy, potatoes and cucumbers are good

Last weekend, I harvested two buckets of potatoes out of our potato pots. I won't call this an amazing harvest, but it was certainly satisfying to double our production. Next year I need to plant fewer potatoes per pot so that they aren't so crowded. And we should probably eat them soon, since we aren't good about storing them.

This past weekend, we harvested twenty-one tomatoes. (Yes, the count doesn't match the photo. Yummy.) There wasn't a single major blemish on them. This year, I planted four Early Girl tomatoes - two determinant and two indeterminant - to see which type of plant I prefer. I think I like the indeterminant better. As far as the breed, Early Girl is a hybrid. As the name says, the plants are supposed to fruit earlier than most. I'm not buyin' that; it's the end of July!. But I am pleased that the fruits are amazingly crack-resistant and blight resistant. We haven't had any trouble with cracking (water problem) or blossom end rot (fertilizer/water problem).

The cucumbers are coming along, though they are nowhere near world conquest. We've gotten about ten cucumbers so far, and they are just the right size. One cucumber is one serving. The plants are small and we've had problems with vine borers, and I also saw some squash beetles. So I'm actually doing chemical warfare on the vines this year. That means I am washing the cucumbers right when they come in from the garden before they are stored, and again before I peel them. And the peels don't go to the goats, either. Achaosofkittens made his tomato/cucumber salad this weekend with only a store-bought onion and store-bought bread for his homemade croutons. YUM.

Russet potato harvest
first big tomato harvest
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