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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
The joys of informal gardening: coneflowers and roses 
1st-Aug-2016 08:52 am
The larger back garden area doesn't get a lot of attention away from the raised bed area/paths between. We mow maybe once early in the season so that we can see where the poison ivy is coming up and so that we can navigate around the beds for planting, then the old pasture areas get ignored. It usually ends up with new blackberry starts and stands of Queen Anne's Lace.

This year, there is also a lovely stand of coneflowers right in the middle of the I'll get to it sometime section of that yard. There are two small volunteer rose bushes to the southeast of the coneflowers, closer to the blacksmith shop and pet graveyard. I haven't seen any blossoms on the roses, but expect they will come. The paw paw trees put out a large group of suckers again this year, and I just left them alone. Most of them didn't make it, but a few did. Maybe I'll be motivated enough in the fall to dig some up and give them away.
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