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What I did on my vacation was *read*

One of the biggest joys of the Cabin is the lack of distractions from the pursuit of reading. Admittedly, I was knitting while I was reading a lot of the time (see the long list of re-reads), but still. There are no animals, no internets, very few phone calls, etc. to pull us away from our chosen pasttimes.

Cabin reading 9/1 - 9/7

*9/1 - Urban Allies, edited by Joseph Nassise. Urban fantasy anthology. Paperback, 410 pages.
*9/1 - "The Levee Was Dry," by Seanan McGuire. Science fiction. E-pub.
*9/3 - Galactic Games, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt. Science Fiction anthology. Paperback, 303 pages.

9/1 - Moon Called
9/2 - Penric and the Shaman
9/2 - Blood Bound
9/4 - "Alpha and Omega"
9/4 - Iron Kissed
9/5 - Bone Crossed
9/5 - Silver Borne
9/6 - The Curse of Chalion
9/7 - River Marked

Books started but not finished:
*Cyteen - Ok, I think need to catalog Cherryh as an author that I cannot read in electronic format. I couldn't hold onto the storyline.

*The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes - Vaguely interesting, but lacking in action.

The City Who Fought - this was a re-read. I'd forgotten how obnoxious the pirates were, and I think that Elizabeth Moon does a better job with them.

*Edgar Allen Poe's Complete Poetical Works - the biography at the beginning was fascinating, but the actual poems just couldn't keep me engaged.

I need to hit the bookstore for a copy of Once Broken Faith. That's next on my want-list.
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