May 19th, 2006


I'm a winner!

As I said on Monday -- I won! I won!

I bought some raffle tickets at the New Hampshire Sheep and Wool show on Saturday, and ended up winning three things. The box of my winnings was delivered last night - two balls of roving and one skein of linen/silk/something yarn. The brown ball is shetland and the grey one in the bag is romney. Yay happy me! With my luck I'll never win the lottery, but I almost always come away with at least something from raffles. Collapse )

Sold! and dogged-goat is doing fine

I didn't want to jynx everything by posting my glee too widely too soon, but I'm pretty confident now. It looks like I've made a sale. The four white goat kids are spoken for, and unless something major changes, it will be a done deal this weekend. The transporter people for the purchaser called me this morning to make arrangements for pickup, probably tomorrow. I'm very proud and excited about this!

Thankfully, I think Stella-goat will be fine for the trip, though she does have kind of a slicked-back look still. Another rainstorm or two should clean the rest of the dog slobber off of her head. And yes, I'm sorry to sell Jenna; she's incredibly cute and very likeable. But I'm trying to be practical. I don't want to be some weirdo who "hoards" animals. I want to be able to breed for kids again next year. And I don't want to set myself up for grief this next winter. Twenty goats is a lot for the pastures in the summertime, and too many for me to care for in the wintertime.
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