June 25th, 2006


Goat show, day 2

Saturday was the "main event" day of the goat show. Because fair's fair, this year it was the white competition on Saturday and the colored will be on Sunday. The judge this year is a man named Robin Giles, who is a large-scale rancher from Texas. His main criteria are size and fineness of fleece for age (and he preferes less hair on the goats' faces too). So, predictably, the cute little goats with the curls over their eyes did very poorly.

PHF Licorice took Grand Champion buck. again. He's an amazing animal - huge, very fine and uniform hair for his age, and a mostly clean face. He's also a big sweety, which for me counts a great deal too. PHF also took reserve champion, with either Prego or Stromboli, I can't remember now. Collapse )

We had a very nice two-part lecture and lab on pharmacology and medicating goats. I didn't know that there is such a huge contrast among the different types of injections (IV, IM, sub-cu). I certianly knew that there was a different effective dosing level as well as residue time between injections and oral medication.

Loki-goat has been a rather bored whiner. I ended up taking him for a walk both morning and evening. He didn't care where we went, just that we went somewhere for a while, so we wandered around the rest of the show barn visiting other people and animals. Loki did really well with the dogs - kind of a surprise, since he spent Friday evening telling KHF Ben (shepherd dog) to stuff it.

Goat show, day 3

Justin won 1st place in the "red card" colored buck kid class.
Anna won 2nd place in the colored senior doe kid class.
Madison won 4th place in the colored senior buck kid class.
Loki placed 2nd /last in the colored adult buck class.
Dru placed 6th / last in the colored yearling doe class.

The judge had some nice compliments for me. First, he thought all of Jared's kids (all but Loki) had really nice fleeces. Second, he thought all of the goats had very uniform fleeces -- that means that they are the same fine-ness (or coarse-ness) from neck to tail.

All in all, I'm pretty darn pleased. In fact, I'm still a bit bouncy about the whole thing, even after a four hour drive home towing a trailer on I-81 in the rain.

Edit: Clarification point - Loki is not one of Jared's kids at all, therefore was not in the discussion regarding fine fleeces from the same breeding program.

Additional: Anna has no horns, no "lock definition" (no ringlets), a frosted color pattern that makes it very hard to see her body shape, and was about two thirds the size of the first place doe. She won second place on fleece quality alone. That's why I value that second place ribbon the most.