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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Books: Night Shift, by Charlaine Harris 
16th-Sep-2016 08:34 am
Read Irresponsibly
Night Shift, by Charlaine Harris. Urban Fantasy. Hardback, 320 pages. Book three set in Midnight, Texas.

Night Shift is the third in the stories about the fictional town of Midnight, Texas. Apparently the town sits at a historical crossroads that might be supernaturally influencing people to commit suicide at that intersection. The residents of Midnight are various witnesses to the blood that spills under the traffic light. The questions are, of course, "who?" and "why?" The answer might be in a werewolf-skin tome written by a vampire... in Etruscan, of all languages.

I'm following this series because I find Harris's characters fascinating. There's a psychic who does the majority of his work online. There's a vampire running a pawn shop. Two former angels opened a salon and manicure place. The town's only resident preacher is a weretiger. And there's a snarky talking cat. I enjoy them all from the safety of the page.

For me, a Harris book is a combination of comfort-reading and character study. Fundamentally, Harris writes murder mysteries. While her main characters have ranged from a housecleaner (Lily Bard) to a telepath (Sookie Stackhouse), the structure of the story is pretty much the same across her various series. So while there may be twists and turns, there are not all that many surprises. This is an intellectually light-lift, post-beach summer reading story.
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