January 29th, 2007


Shearing HELP?!?!

My shearer is coming TOMORROW.

Anyone want to come out to my place about noonish and help goat-wrangle?

Pretty please?

Edit: Oh, yeah, open posts get read by people who don't know me that well... I'm near the intersection of I-66 and Route 17 in Virginia.

Edit #2 - T (J) totally rocks for volunteering! Thank you!
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Continuing the expansion of the ISO available men theme...

I have a quick poll about a possible party. Answers are screened for me only, so please use the comments if you want to open a discussion.

I've gotten comments from some couples that they would like an opportunity to meet new people too, so this is no longer even trying to be a singles mixer. So consider this open to everyone regardless of sex, gender or dating status. Edit: really, honest, this is no longer a single-mixer thing. Come for fun and to meet new people.

Everyone who previously mentioned that they want to be included is highly encouraged to vote here.

Edit: kaelikat is credited with a good "house rule" suggestion: for any team-based games, all spouses/partners/close friends are going to get split up.

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small snicker - "goat-wrangle"

I am asking for help with tomorrow's shearing. I got an e-mail comment that "goat-wrangle" sounds like fun.

Help - aka "goat wrangling" - would consist of a lot of goat-goodie-bucket shaking and/or arm flapping to get the goats into the correct holding pens prior to shearing. Then it would be grabbing goats by hair or horns to deliver them to the shearer or remove them to the holding pens after being sheared. (Anna and Jessie don't have horns. It's a fun challenge when they don't have hair either.)

Edit - T (J) totally rocks for volunteering! Thank you!
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