July 30th, 2008


Yesterday's earthquake in LA

In case you care (wahyagar...)

Hi Sweetie,

Mom told me that you had asked some questions about the earthquake this morning in the Los Angeles area. This was an earthquake with oblique motion with a component of left-lateral strike-slip motion and a component of trust or reverse motion where the hills go up and out over the valley. This would not have as much energy released as a pure reverse fault, but it would release more energy than a pure strike-slip fault.

Here is a summary by one of the folks in the Pasadena office of the USGS.

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Amazingly, I understood a fairly large chunk of this article. I think fault-less earthquakes are cool because they challenge people to make new discoveries.

ETA: Dad sent me more information. The crux of the comment is that "Some of the parameters have changed somewhat as more analysis has taken place. It now is reported as a right-lateral and reverse motion to produce the oblique offset. There are several more predictions of the near future on the fault."