September 18th, 2008


Book review: Chalice

Robin McKinley's newest release "Chalice" is a... sweet book. It is not very deep or fast-paced, or even intellectually challenging. After Iron Kissed and Duainfey, it was a nice break for me.

The Chalice is a magical role/person that assists the land (earth magic) in binding, soothing, settling, and harmony. The interesting angle is that this particular Chalice (heroine's) magic works through honey rather than the book-established-expectation of water or wine. The story introduces some kinda-bad bad guys along the way, but it is more of *political* badness than *evil*. Most of the mechanism turning the plot is the bad that was done prior to the book's start point in time, and the main characters' efforts to overcome the chaos and disorganization left from that event. The implications of romance are subtle and sweet, and there is no physical interaction beyond hand-holding. There is really no violence, though one guy swings a sword for about three air slices. No one is beaten up, tortured, or otherwise physically assaulted except for one bad guy at the end during the "fight scene" (which really wasn't one).