October 5th, 2008


Good morning!

I have no idea why my "home safe" post didn't show up, but it's there when I read my own journal. Regardless, thank you all for a nice time. I'm reluctantly awake after getting to bed at something-past-four-AM, but there is a beautiful day waiting for me, and plenty to do in it.

Grazing through the garden for dinner

I had two scrambled eggs and tea for breakfast.
I had two pieces of sourdough with cheese, a slice of chocolate chip pound cake, and water for lunch.

In comparison...
I had a handful of string beans, a handful of cherry tomatoes, a whole large tomato, a couple of slices of cucumber, a peach-sized watermelon (it had seeds unfortunately), half a baked potato with cheese on it, and water.

Can you tell when I was doing chores/running errands vs. when I was outside harvesting the garden? ::laugh:: I also went to the farmer's market this morning for more eggs, spices, peaches (yes, still!), and that pound cake mentioned in the lunch list.

My farmer's market is going to be open until the end of November! Yay! There are so many producers who are not strictly seasonal because they sell meat or canned goods, so the manager proposed staying open all the way through to the end of November. There is going to be a fresh beef day either this coming weekend or the next one.