February 3rd, 2009


Good morning!

We finally got some real snow last night. We had big fluffy flakes swirling down into something around two inches of squeaky snow that just has to be scuffy-kicked all over the path.

Hercules is a very pretty llama when he is covered in powdered snow. He pranced around with his tail floofed up, looking very much in his element.

And on that subject, happy birthday, dizzyllama!

Goat humor: rules for kidding

Now that the goats have been sheared, it's easy to see who is heavily pregnant (Jessie, Sashimi) and who is more reasonably-sized-but-still-pregnant (the 2-year-olds). From her size, I'd guess that Jessie is carrying quints (joke!), and she's still got at least two weeks to go. Sashimi is high and round - she always carries high - but obviously not nearly so heavy as Jessie.

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