April 6th, 2009


Small-scale farming vs. The Establishment

Thanks to gipsieee for this link from Giggling Wizard, and a quote for thought from him.

"Just as urbanites shut out awareness of their neighbors, so too do they shut out awareness of the natural world itself. To me, a farmer and a pagan, nature is everything, everywhere. It is both beautiful and brutal, awesome and inescapable. The air we breathe, the food we eat, the process of breaking that down into its chemical components and rebuilding it as flesh and bone, even the forces that stick all our molecules together and keep our cells the same pressure as the surrounding atmosphere so they neither explode nor implode--all of this is nature. Gravity, heat, pressure, all the laws of physics, everything that makes our existence possible, all fitting together into a very neat system in which nothing is wasted--this, to me, is nature.

"...what do the homeowners' associations and code enforcers promote? Bring your clothes in off the line and burn more energy with a clothes dryer. Put compostables in the landfill and buy peat moss in a plastic bag imported from Canada. Put toxic chemicals on your lawn so you don't get that homogenous green monoculture cluttered up with pretty yellow (edible) flowers. Quit fixing your own car and take it to a mechanic. Stop growing your own food and buy it imported to the store from California and Thailand and Peru. Make your house look like all the ones around it. Waste, spend, dispose, consume, conform."