May 24th, 2009


Water at the cabin (fire prevention measures)

The tract-wide announcement just went out that the water system is open for business for the summer. The new and interesting twist is that the permit request for an auxiliary power generator for the water system has been approved as well. "This generator should ensure the continuous operation of the pressure pumps when and if the power goes out in the summer time. The generator will be large enough to power both pressure pumps as well, which should aid in increased pressure on our hydrant system in the unfortunate event that another fire encroaches on our tract."

You should go visit. It's beautiful country up there...

Goaty visits

Yay for lots of goat visits!

A friend came over and brought a small truckload of camera gear with him. I had offered our great room, goats, and yes even myself for him as subjects for his new camera lens. Our previous portrait shot had gone very well, so I thought it would be fun to sit (stand, half-kneel while being nibbled on by goats) for him to photograph. I have lot of thoughts about self-esteem and photography now, too, that I would like to get onto blog at some point (but not in a public post, thankyouverymuch). Anyway, since I know my goats are cute, I'm mostly interested in whether he caught some of the more amusing llama moments. At one point, Hercules was chasing Dahlia around; later he tried the same trick on Alys. Herc also took some time for a dust bath - inconvenient, since my friend was on the other end of the field doing Baby Dot photos. I hope he gets a gallery up and/or gives me copies and permissions for some of those photos. But really, it was just a lot of fun to watch someone spend hours on my goats without needing me to even be there to encourage him.

I have had plenty of people come by to visit and admire the goats, and more are on the calendar. Besides my friend and his tons and tons of goat and llama photos, I've had two other visits already, and have more coming up. Collapse )