August 9th, 2009


La Boheme (from Friday)

Before I totally forget, let me mention that I saw La Boheme on Friday night with gsh. For those of you who don't know but might care, La Boheme is the original 1890's Italian version of Rent. It has been advertised as the most understandable/enjoyable of the "modern" operas because of its easy subject matter, strong themes, and uncomplicated characters. While there are a few cacophonic sections (like the "let there be war" section of Phantom of the Opera), it is still easy to follow each character's motivations and moods.

Just to ensure that this opera was entirely accessible to everyone in the audience, the staging for this production was modern day Brooklyn. The set was minimalist, with the backdrop a projection of semi-cartoon renditions of either the street, the apartment, or the cafe, depending on the scene for that act. The orchestra sat on the stage between the projection and the set. Supertitles were projected to either side of the stage, so the Italian was more of a mood-music for people who chose to read the lyrics rather than flow with the show.

The voices were good, the acting was excellent, and the company (gsh) was superb. I give it two thumbs up.