October 23rd, 2009


Good morning

I've been striving for lightness this morning, which means appreciating the little things as I found them. The dew on the pasture grass is pretty in the houselights. The glitter makes it look like it should be frosty out, but not at 55 degrees outside.

The tomato plants are completely confused now. They are considering new blossoms. I should go out and pick the last green ones this weekend before the cold comes back.

Scout-goat bounces on his back legs a lot when I go out to feed the boys, but he is not climbing on me specifically. Instead, he bounces around me and uses inanimate objects like the fence or barn wall to prop himself up taller. This is a rare and different behavior, and very much appreciated. Other goats - ALYS! - happily climb directly up me to get to food, which usually earns them a slap across the nose.

(I got to bed late, and then the dog went off immediately with my alarm. No fun there.)

"The Four Most Powerful Words"

Legendary football coach Bill Walsh remembers that quarterbacks Joe Montana and Steve Young came to the San Francisco 49ers with supremely high expectations of themselves. Put it this way: Neither lacked confidence. They believed they could do just about anything. Walsh let them know he thought they could do more than anything. He advises doing the same with your own team.

The best way, he says, is to use the four most powerful words: I believe in you. Say it however you like, he adds, but say it. Nobody will ever come back and thank you for expecting too little of them."

- Adapted from The Score Takes Care of Itself: My Philosophy of leadership, Bill Walsh with Steve Jamison and Craig Walsh, Portfolio. Synopisis source: Executive Leadership Vol 24 No 11.