December 7th, 2009


Weekend roundup (snow and snow chains); Talla's haircut & Sashimi in heat

The craft fair on Saturday went pretty well. We didn't have all that many people, but I made some sales and did some spinning in the slow spots. The remarkable sale was the green/lavender brushed mohair triangle shawl. The monster is gone!

My prius and I took on the Saturday snowstorm and won. I even made it all the way up the hill and home again on Saturday evening. Which resulted in requiring snow chains for all of Sunday and Monday morning. Which resulted in needing a nail file to pry out the ice core from my chains' latching sections to get them off of the tires this morning.

(While I was at the craft fair on Saturday, I heard a number of "Who drives a PRIUS?!" comments as people came in to shop. Of course, out in Markham, it was more admiration/head-shaking than the NoVA-suburbanite-horror sounds.)

On Sunday, D_Muse and Q_Goat came out to help me hand-clip Talla-goat's baby fleece and have dinner, too. Talla-goat is feisty; she likes to bite! She got about 3/4 of a haircut last night before my hands cramped up and we got too cold to finish. So we went back inside and I threw dinner into the cooker. We had lamb roast with potatoes and mushrooms in the slow cooker, and fresh-cooked beets on the side. Rar. We also had a good enough time hanging out that I didn't get to bed until 11:30.

Jessie was in heat, and now Sashimi is serenading the boys. It's a little loud out in the fields right now.

Movie review: "3:10 to Yuma"

I saw "3:10 to Yuma" this weekend on DVD. It was a good movie, in that it was just right for what it was. (It's here at IMDB.)

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There was a "now you're a man, son" moment before the big battle that would have made a perfect Max Brand ending - nothing resolved, and you only get to guess who and how people are going to die. But of course not. This was a formula Western on the big screen for a blood-and-guts modern audience. So we had to see everything from the running gunfight (tension! shootouts! more tension!), to the late-arriving son (I told you to go home!), to the deliberate stampede (wait, again?), to the train smoke swirling everywhere as it slowly pulled into the station... The wrap-up and ending were exactly what I expected. Everyone played his role correctly to the bitter end, and we know where the story will go from here. The end.

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