December 8th, 2009


Betting on the weather

I bet correctly on last night's weather and this morning's commute. I drove all the way up the hill and down the driveway to the house. I turned the car around and parked on a bare spot in the driveway on the bet that, even if things froze again, I would have enough traction to get escape velocity across the icy section of the driveway. It never dropped below freezing last night, so not only did I have traction, but I had slush rather than crusted ice upon which to attempt my escape off to work this morning.

In a reverse of Saturday's "dusting of snow" that ended up putting 6 inches on the railing (and 3 on the street), the weather report for tonight is getting warmer. We may end up with just a soaking rain rather than the wash of ice that was originally predicted. The "winter storm watch" is wavering on the edge of just a regular old flood watch, even out at my house. I'm not too surprised about the possibility of flood issues. 1-2 inches of rain on top of 4-6 inches of melting snow is a lot for cold ground to drink.

So... do I bet with the weather changing and drive home? Or do I park at the mailboxes and walk...?

ETA next morning: We had just enough ice to cause the two private schools here to go on a 2-hour delay. I have an understanding boss, and a conference call to take anyway. I'll do the conference call, then go into work.