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Goats, gripes, and grasping for greatness
Shenandoah the long day 
24th-Sep-2016 09:27 pm
The day started sometime in the middle of the night with the dog barking. A lot. I'm guessing that we had deer fighting, since when I let her out she took off into the dark but came back quickly, satisfied about a chase rather than a confrontation. And then I was clumsy. It was not a great start.

Despite a staggering start, I got out of the house in reasonable good order and got to the festival grounds in good time. More importantly, the show was good. I missed my prediction on Simon being the guy for the blue. It was Richie. Everyone else placed middle of the class. The judge talked a lot about how she liked my goats for their soft fleeces and square bodies (remember Zoe was "like a little box: square on all four corners") and that she would like a lot more of the mohair hair style on them. I knew that. So basically, I'm pretty content.

The people today were mostly really positive. I saw a lot of people I wanted to see, and roped a majority of them into helping show. Including MegKnitsALot's husband and friend K helping other farms, I had five outside-the-goat-owner group helping hold goats. THANK YOU ALL!

It was a long and good day. I'm headed to the showers and then some horizontal time. I'll try to do a full standings posting tomorrow.
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