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Shenandoah roundup: standings and commentary

The 2016 Shenandoah Valley Fiber Festival EAGMA Angora Goat Show on Saturday was a congenial affair, and hearkened back to the days of old. We had almost 100 goats show up. We had two new-to-this-show farms and two farms that really expanded their attendance. The expansion of attendance almost made up for the four farms that no longer bring goats (two for health/logistical reasons and two because they are focused on their fiber businesses at the show instead). The colored show was much larger than the white show again, and this time there was even some competition in the white show.

Peace Hill Farm brought more descendants of Anna with them. They brought Kezzi's hornless, wide-load yearling doe (who is surprisingly *not* a freaky-goat) as well as Kezzi's twin kids this year. I'm coveting the hornless reverse badger doe kid - even though she placed last in her class - and we might end up working a swap. Beyond that, there was no sale action for my goats.

The judge this year was the same as last year. We brought her back to find out whether she thought we had implemented improvements since last year. And in case you don't remember last year: the judge was all about the fleece structure and then about physical correctness. My goats' fleeces don't have much in the way of structure, though the judge kept talking about how soft they were. On the other hand, my goats are very square, and the judge did note that as well. My goats are not skinny, swaybacked, or have sloping rear ends. So they lost points on fleece but placed well for body style. Hence the slew of middle-of-the-pack standings below.

So, the show. Higher Ground Farm was there, which meant that the colored classes were dominated by them with a sprinkling of Kid Hollow. As such, I was very wrong in thinking that Simon would take the yearling buck class. Amusingly, though, I almost sold Simon ten bajillion times. Everyone liked him for personality and good looks.

Kid Buck (2nd clip) 8 entries - Reece 4th, Padric 6th, Clancy 7th
Yearling Buck 7 entries - Ivan 4th, Simon 5th (last year was 12/12 and 11/12)
Adult Buck 4 entries - Richie 1st, Diego 4th (last year was 5/7 and 2/5 in different classes)
Yearling Doe 12 entries - Hope 9th, Corene 10th (last year was 8/8 and scratch)
Breeder's Flock 8 entries - Ivan/Corene/Simon 6th place
Get of Sire 4 entries - Diego/Padric/Clancy 3rd place

In the kid buck/2nd fleece competition, the standings were Kid Hollow, Pinxterbloom, then me. Reese took 4th, Padric was 6th, and Clancy was 7th out of eight. Oddly, the last place goat was Pinxterbloom. (There were no Higher Ground goats in that class.) I'd expected Reese to do ok and Padric to do better. Interesting that it was reversed.

In the yearling buck class, Ivan placed 4th and Simon was 5th out of seven. The winner was, of course, Higher Ground. Then it was Kid Hollow and Pinxterbloom. Pinxterbloom also placed 6th, and the trailing goat was Stony Woods. I'd hoped for better, but with Higher Ground there, I'm just glad I didn't place last.

Adult buck, my GRF-Richie took 1st and Diego took 4th. Kai Mohair and Stony Woods were between them. I owe Gypsy Ridge an email. Amusingly, I'd expected Diego and Richie to take last and second-to-last. So half my prediction was correct.

For colored bucks, Higher Ground took both grand and reserve champion.

In colored does, I only had the two yearlings. Hope and Corene took 9th and 10th respectively out of twelve. I had said I don't expect them to place in the top three, and I overestimated even then. But they weren't last. They were followed by a Buckwheat Bridge goat that had a sloping back end and then by Kezzi's daughter Orchid. Top of the class was a Kai Mohair doe, then four Kid Hollow does in a row.

For colored does, Higher Ground took grand and Hill and Dale (basically Kid Hollow) took reserve.

There were a lot of special classes this time - breeder's flock, dam and daughter, get of sire, pair of doe kids. The fun of the group classes are to show you have a specific herd type/physical look, and that you are improving from dam to daughter. I didn't have any colored girls this year (Tia is white), so I was only in the two flock classes.

For breeder's flock, I put in all my redheads: Ivan, Corene, Simon. My group took 6th out of eight. Top was Higher Ground followed by Hill and Dale and then two Kid Hollow groups and Stony Woods. Buckwheat Bridge and Peace Hill trailed me, both because the animals didn't appear similar.

For get of sire, I put in all my black goats: Diego, Padric, Clancy. Unfortunately, I was up against Hill and Dale and Kid Hollow. So we took 3rd place out of four. Oddly, the second group of Kid Hollow kids took 4th - I think their fleeces were too short to really show off against my black kids.

The red card classes - white goats from colored parents - was folded into the regular white competition. So both Emma and Tia placed last in their respective groups. I'm neither surprised nor disappointed.

And off we go to Rhinebeck in three weeks! Higher Ground won't be there, but Kid Hollow/Hill and Dale will be, and so will Pinxterbloom. So the competition will be stiff.

I sold all four fleeces that I entered at the show! Yay! I don't know if I'll get any more fleeces skirted before the registration cut-off for Rhinebeck, but I will hopefully have more to take to SAFF.
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