January 19th, 2011


Annual goat/llama vet visit

I am home today, because the vet came to do the annual checkup on all twenty one goats and the llama. We don’t have any pregnant goats, or any impending emergencies, so of course this probably the nicest day we’ll have all week. It’s almost 40 degrees and cloudy outside. The checkup took almost two hours because along with shots and general lookings-over, we also had the llama’s teeth trimmed down a bit in front. Filing down llama teeth takes a while. The only other delay to the day was having to re-capture the big boys twice because of their insistence that they wanted to be outside. The first time, they took the stall door latch apart, and the second time they took the stall door straight off of the hinges! We caught them anyway, and they still got to have their shots and their moments of examinations. The vet was rather amused by the state of Cookie’s tail, the end of which was pulled off by one of the other goats in a fight a few weeks ago.

Now I'm inside eating a VERY late lunch and enjoying the attentions of Russell-cat. I had to hold most of the goats while the vet looked at them. This was a lot of fun with the big goats, and I smell strongly of boy goat right now. Russell is loving himself all over the fronts of my thighs and purring. If I put my jeans on the floor, I bet he would roll in them like catnip. I have a very weird cat.