January 26th, 2011


Jr. Network Engineer, etc. etc.

My work is looking for a Jr. Network Engineer for a position in Fairfax. And, wonder of wonders, this one does NOT require a security clearance.

Other positions under current recruitment, which all do require DoD clearances:

Enterprise Service Bus Engineer - Falls Church
IA Engineer - Falls Church
Cognos SWE (UNIX) - Falls Church
Oracle Weblogic Administrator - Falls Church
Technical Writer - Ft. Gordon, GA
Desktop Support Engineer - Ft. Gordon, GA
Electronics Technician Intermediate - Ft. Huachuca, AZ

Poke me for details.

ETA: The icon is because the wonderfully nice, incredibly punctual and organized office-supply-ordering person just got in a new load of tissue boxes. The tissues have antiviral crap on them. I am allergic to almost everything on tissues, and rubbing an allergin-laden tissue across my face seems... like job security for my ENT. ::sigh:: I sent a polite e-mail apologizing for not being specific enough about my tissue request and restating it with very bounded requirements. What is this, the problem of a tissue genie?

It's very quiet around here.

With two official lunches going on, all of the younger set ran off to have a restaurant lunch as well. It's just me and the IT guru here right now.

And I expect it will continue that way as people disappear ahead of the snow.
Today to Read

Books: The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms

The Hundred Thousand Kingdoms was good. It wasn't great, though. I got tired of the cryptic conversations that started every chapter and didn't explain themselves within the local context. Certainly, the end made everything clear, but by then I was too annoyed to enjoy it as much as I should have. I liked the development of the main character, Yeine, because it wasn't character development exactly, but more character realization. The book covered only a week in her life, yet the story ranged through her mother's life, and through the birth and endless ages of the Three Gods as they existed and changed. All in all, quite acceptable, and it got better as it went along, which made the ending tasty and filling.

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