March 4th, 2011

Today to Read

Patricia Briggs at Borders last night

Last night, a group of us went out to the Bailey's Crossroads Borders to see Patricia Briggs. She read from her new novel, River Marked, answered some fan questions, and then did autographs.

I'm really pleased to have seen her. I just liked her attitude all over. She was genuinely happy to be there. She was a good reader, an interesting conversationalist, and a sincere recipient of her fan's attention. She answered questions with spirit and grace, even when they were repeats of questions that had just been asked. She smiled a lot. She acted very human without going overboard in any false modesty. One interesting point she made was that she does not want to put Mercy/Adam's children into the novel because then someone is going to have make "stupid" decisions that either put children at risk or put parents/parenting at risk in order for the spirit of the books to continue. (Her personal example was giving up horse-jumping as a hobby when she became a mother.)

One of the really nice things that Ms. Briggs offered up was her time. While the bookstore put a limit of 3 books per person for the signing, that was per time through the line. Ms. Briggs promised to stay and sign for as long as anyone was there asking for autographs. So if someone wanted every book in her collection signed, Ms. Briggs would stay and sign them all.

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