May 20th, 2011

Goldie pbhttt

From the Journal of Lives I Don't Lead - The "me" in South Africa just changed phone providers

I suspect that the [me] who recently worked as a subject matter expert for the African Journal of Agriculture Research (reference) has changed smart phone/e-mail service providers. I received a cancellation notice in my e-mail this morning from a provider in South Africa.

I confirm that your account ####### has been scheduled for cancellation as requested. Your current 3G Wireless service will end on 30 June 2011 following the calendar months notice required. ... We will hold your e-mail address for a further three months should you decide to make use of our service again. Please let us know should you wish to keep your MWEB e-mail address at a monthly cost of R 55.00.
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Spring Booksgiving - Round I is closing

If you are interested in adopting a book from the first list, you need to speak up soon! That box is headed out the door on Sunday.

E - I'm glad that your box got there already!
BFF - Since you didn't speak up against it, your books are headed to you by way of Q_G.
KK - We need to make a date for a handoff.
JPE - We now have an excuse for a date too! ::grin::