March 2nd, 2012

Have and Hold

March of Dimes fundraising season kickoff

And now for something completely different...

It's March of Dimes "March for Babies" fundraising season again. And this year, my personal "team" mascot is GoatMuse! His parents (and midwife) are an inspiration to everyone who wants the best possible education and preparation for baby arrival. When GoatMuse showed up early, everything turned out ok. From my perspective, that was because his parents and coach were seriously committed to prenatal health and birth education.

The March of Dimes is one organization that is committed to providing that education to people who might otherwise never afford it, or even know it was available. So please join me in providing health education to new families, and get every baby off to the healthiest start we can. Click on the bar below to go to my donation page. And thank you!


And on that business of growing horns...

I have a thought that both Jessie and Anna each have a boy who is not going to sprout horns this time. Jessie's faded red (now white) boy Krys and Anna's boy Owen (I almost said "Gimble" - they look that alike) are both just not growing horn buds the way the rest of the boys are. Rex and Pan are sprouting horns, and they were born the same day as Krys. Owen is four days older, and shows no sign of horns beyond a slight raising along his skull, which is the growth bud, not the actual horn. Owen's brother Ari's horns have erupted completely now, as have Cerryl's.

I have a standing purchase offer for any hornless doe babies in this crop. So, of course, the one girl who might possibly *not* sprout horns - Jessie's daughter Zoe - is actually going to have horns.

Ari-goat's baby fleece

In some twisted form of cosmic justice, one of my antisocial kids is the one with the best baby fleece. Ari has the softest, curliest fleece in the whole kid crop. I should have named him Russell, after our cat who also has the softest hair in the cat-crop, and won't let anyone pet him in public.