March 5th, 2012


Books: Fair Game

Fair Game, by Patricia Briggs. Urban fantasy. 293 pages, hardback. Third in the Alpha and Omega series.

Fair Game was short and sweet. The plot was quite linear: a serial killer chase through Boston. The story was filled with likable characters (though too shallowly presented and not enough of them) and a predictable plot line. We met spunky FBI, an admirable-but-distasteful black witch, and other fun and odd characters. Like the previous two books, the physical chase was paralleled by one character's psychological problems. The bad guy gets too close to Anna; Charles has to fight but stay smart, etc.

And then the ending ripped all of my complacency away. That was one of the most satisfying plot twists I haven't expected. I am all wiggly with interest on where this series is going to go now.

I picked it up because I've been enjoying both sides of the Briggs werewolf saga (Mercedes Thompson/Adam Hauptman and Charles Cornick/Anna Lantham)

I'd recommend it to: followers of this series. If you aren't, then you need to go back to On the Prowl for the introduction to Anna and Charles in a short story.

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