March 9th, 2012

Read Irresponsibly

Books: Tempting Danger

Tempting Danger, by Eileen Wilks. 301 pages, paperback. Paranormal romance, first in the series.

Eileen Wilks starts the book out with incredibly stereotypical characters - the tough minority female cop and the playboy powerful werewolf - and gives them depth, motivation, and real character. The plot is nothing new to the werewolf portfolio, and is full of the usual politics and black magic. What sets this story apart are the details that Wilks builds into each twist. For example, it isn't enough that particular men are bespelled; Wilks explains both the symptoms of that enchantment and, eventually, the consequences of others' actions on that spell.

It is a modern romance, though, so be warned that there is sex. And jokes about sex. And references to the jokes about sex. Yes, I got bored with that part. It was getting in the way of plot and character development. It wasn't all that annoying, though, since it fit with the story type. And the ending was satisfying in that our hero and heroine continued to function within their type and to the best of their abilities. (Our strong heroine didn't suddenly start standing in the corner shrieking.) The ending was solid, and I could have closed the book with satisfaction, except.... The excerpt from the next book that was supposed to lure me into buying it did the exact opposite. I'm totally turned off now, and this book is headed to the giveaway box.

I picked it up because I enjoyed Wilks's short story in On the Prowl and was looking for more in that same universe.

I recommend it to people who like fast whodunits and are willing to accept a female lead who does agree to love at first sight without too much cringing. I think Wilks made it work, especially with the "duh!" ending.

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