March 10th, 2012

Today to Read

Books: Touch of Power

Touch of Power, by Maria V. Snyder. Fantasy romance. 390 pages, paperback. First in the series.

The last healer in fifteen kingdoms, Avry is the last best hope for peace after four years of war and plague... if she can get over the Nine Mountains to heal Prince Ryne of the Plague. And really, she'd rather not. He's the reason there is a death price on her head in the first place. But she can't convince the pack of men who've "rescued" her of that little issue.

I enjoyed aspects of the book, especially the descriptions of magic and of the plants. What I really didn't enjoy were the jackass attitudes of the main male characters. If anger and sullen word-play are how men show their love, then Avry has every right to be confused and wary. (Remember, boys and girls, this book came out of the Barnes and Nobel romance section.)

I picked it up because I enjoyed Snyder's Poison Study trilogy, but then didn't enjoy her Glass series enough to finish that trilogy. I was hoping for a new character and setting back in the Study model. While the Power structure is much the same as the first Study book (complete with know-it-all male "hero" leads), this one lacks a certain edge that I can't quite define in its absence.

I'd recommend it to easily satisfied fantasy readers who appreciate a character who keeps her word regardless of how it is given. In that way, this book is very much like Prized.

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